MCP is a registered charitable organization. Our core values are passion and commitment. We do not receive any grants or subsidies, therefore we need and rely on donors, sponsors, partners and partner schools to raise funds to continue and develop the projects. Contact us if you can help us along.


Donors support MCP through donations of materials and goods, services, expertise or money. Donors are eligible to receive a tax deductible receipt.

Examples: clothes, books, games, equipment, money etc.


Sponsors can support MCP in a once off fundraising event or a project trip by supplying goods and services or support ongoing needs of our organization.  MCP will post sponsors on the website and at events. Sponsors are eligible to receive tax-deductible receipts. 

Examples: flyers, banners, shirts, caps, website domain costs, business cards, food, drinks, services, expertise, car hire, accommodation , facilities , projects ,insurances, first aid kits, etc.

In case of a school becoming a sponsor of MCP we will inform you of the number of places available for CAS trip and MCP trip participants.


Partners support MCP on an ongoing basis following and backing the description of trip participant: “Commitment”. We are open to discuss and clarify the realm and area of commitment that is appropriate to our partner and MCP. 

A partner can be a person, organization or company. A partner will be posted and promoted on our website and events. A partner is eligible to receive tax deductible receipts.

Examples: Organize and host fundraising events, take on responsibility for a project area (education, sports, skills development, construction), be actively involved in the organization at all levels, embrace and promote MCP in your organization, describe and communicate how and where the constitution of MCP and your organization link, commit to annual fundraising goals targeted at about € 10.- per person per year. Use and exchange what MCP can offer your organization (authentic fundraising events, MCP Fair, CAS Trip, MCP Friends Trip). The number of reserved places for project trips will be arranged in mutual agreement.

Be posted and promoted on our website, regular updates on our face book page, included and presented at our events and receive tax deductible receipts.

Helioz GmbH

Helioz is an Austrian social enterprise engaged in the development and sale of affordable products for households in low-income countries. Their product WADI™ is an easy-to-use and cost-effective UV measurement device that visualises the process of solar water disinfection (SODIS).

Association of German International Schools

The Association of German International  Schools supports Make Change Possible e.V. as an educational organization that provides excellent CAS opportunities as well as authentic and relevant whole school projects for schools .We welcome MCP as an exhibitor at our annual conferences.

Partner Schools

Partner Schools are mainly IB Schools however CAS Trips are generally open to grade 11 and 12 students. A partner school commits to actively support the organizing of MCP CAS Trips regarding planning and preparing including sending teachers/parents along as chaperones and develops a funding scheme together with the Board of MCP. A partner school actively supports the development and training for CAS project leaders and provides funding and fundraising events equivalent to a partner of MCP. 

A partner school will be posted with its own profile on our website and Facebook wall and is presented at all events of MCP. We will support a partner school in the development of an educational whole school concept in accordance with the curriculum.

Heidelberg International School

MCP and H.I.S. share many of the same values, such as sustainable action, global citizenship, intercultural understanding and respect. Through MCP, H.I.S. has been able to provide opportunities for students, parents and staff to join projects that are built on these values, with a particular emphasis on collaboration.

Leipzig International School

Leipzig International School is a partner school and has been working with Make Change Possible since 2012. We chose MCP as our whole school International Charity and CAS/Service Learning partner because of the opportunity it provides for whole school exchange with the communities of LIS and Mayana. The Make Change Possible Educational Fair is a regular feature of our Service Learning and fundraising programme. Our Grade 11 IB Diploma and Careers Related Programme students have joined the CAS trip as participants along with our teachers who act as chaperones and project leaders.


Kopernikus Gymnasium Blankenfelde

The partnership with MCP provides our students with:

  • global learning and subject  based relevance and personal reflection of real life situations
  • developing a sense of responsibility as a global citizen and fosters the ethical education
  • with opportunities to test their talents and ideas in the service of less privileged