Make Change Possible supports many different projects. For each project, participants travelling to Namibia identify a specific activity that fits their individual strengths, experiences and interests. Sometimes this is a continuation of a previous activity; sometimes they bring something completely new with them. In joining or initiating a project, the participant places their skills and knowledge into the hands of the community. Our mission is always to work with visionaries of the local community to inspire, motivate and support them by providing our network, funds and expertise. Each project is an ongoing initiative. We strive for sustainability and shared responsibility, aiming to pass on the projects to local visionaries whenever possible. Our logo and message is “joining hands”. 

Mayana Community Project

Mayana is a small village on the banks of the Okavango river in the very north of Namibia. Made up of former Angolan refugees and native Namibians, the community faces the challenges of poverty, HIV and unemployment. In Mayana we have developed projects in the areas of education, sports and games, crafts, and construction.

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Swakopmund is a small urban setting in Namibia comprising people from all over Namibia.

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