2013 Fundraising

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Our goal this year was to raise €10 000. We raised €12 671!

Overview of the fundraising events:

February MCP Charity Dinner at H.I.S. (Heidelberg)
Valentine's Day Roses at H.I.S.
Grade 5 Workshop at B.I.S.
March MCP fair at H.I.S.
May Kids Fun Fest in Heidelberg
June Walk for the Wild at L.I.S. (Leipzig)
My day for Africa at Kopernikus Gymnasium (Berlin)
August Diary entry upon return from Mayana
September ASAP activities at H.I.S.
MCP Fair at L.I.S.
October Grade 2 art auction at H.I.S.
Information event in Heidelberg
Bake sale and flea market organized by grade 6 at L.I.S.
November Chrismas market in Roppenheim
MCP dinner at H.I.S.
December Christmas market in Heidelberg
Bryan shaves his head
Christmas concert NK
Grade 6 raffle at H.I.S.

Fundraising Diary

August 2013

On return from the trips and doing the final accounting we have to face the fact that we have spent a lot more money than we have. A number of meetings take place amongst board members trying to solve the problem and making plans on the expenses planned ahead. We went through the accounting of the Kindergarten construction and made changes to the planned guest house that fit into the available budget. We had to make these changes as well since we did not have any more communication with the person allocated to run the guest house. And we can’t invest such a huge sum of money for a building only to be used for a few weeks in the year. So there are big headaches on our side.

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September 2013

A lot of e-mailing and planning for the trip to Leipzig is getting done. Taya, Emma, Sharon and myself leave on Thursday the 12th  September after school to drive the 600km to Leipzig. Becky meets us with dinner ready and we have a quick talk to sort out the following day. At 8.30 in the morning Ondrej, Emma and Taya present their trip experiences to the 33 Grade 11 students of LIS. After that we teach the students how to run the booths of the MCP Fair and they then start to set up the hall. From 10.30 onwards we have all Grade 6 students in the hall for an hour followed by the Grade 5’s and after lunch the Grade 4’s. Altogether there were about 250 students. A big success. After the clean up Emma, Taya and Ondrej meet with the students interested to join the trip next year and Monika goes off for a meeting where Becky is appointed to join the trip next year to Mayana. Friday night we are exhausted but it was a great event. Saturday morning we drive back home.

Taya: Meeting possible future CAS trip students was interesting and hearing their questions. Helping them understand what MCP is and getting them interested. For them it was helpful to hear someone that has been in their position. At the Fair the kids very very excited and really got into it and I think they got a lot out of it. Grade 11 as well running them booths and working with other students from their school.

Emma: It was very interesting be on the other side of what MCP is, being able to inform them and answer their questions. To see how some of them very very interested and others not. (people said were interested and two are only coming. How many give up. The kids at the fair, the kids were more excited than the CAS students. It was cool to meet Ondrej and share experiences and also meet the teachers so engaged in MCP; that was amazing.

Laura,Emma, Taya and Carla presented their trip during the CAS Fair at HIS and Monika has after that a meeting  and the firstprep workshop with Jessica, Joann, Mags and Elena from HIS. Josephine and Stevefrom LIS want to join the trip. Lots of e-mail to the schools, the parents and the participants.

Monika meets with Silke (Carlas) mum and we plan an event in her office rooms for October. Carla and Monika start getting things ready after school.

ASAP at HIS(Emma and Silvia) that are part of the after school program have been offered as a fundraiser for MCP. Our great thanks go to the parents running these courses til January 2014. Parents sign up their children for offered activities and pay per child them amount of € 85.- per semester. Silvia is running a art class where 8 children learn how to draw. She is a mother of 2 children at HIS and offers her time and skills every week to those children.

Andrea from the Kopernikus Gymnasium, a secondary school near Berlin informs us that their work day for Afrika where they named MCP to receive 50% of the funds raised has been very successful. Monika and the team met Andrea at the NKwazi Lodge in2012.

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Monika runs a presentation at the PTG coffee morning at HIS and about 10 parents sign up to help out at events and wanting to support MCP. So all this has to be organized now to make it fruitful.

MCP has applied for a booth at a Heidelberg x-mas market and we got the okay. Lots of collecting of candle stumps, melting down and other prep is starting now. Christiane has used connections at her work place to collect old candles. A notice in the HIS newsletter was put out to collect candles.

Grade 2 students at HIS produce art works and auctioned them off during a school assembly, they made proceeds of €204.- Taya, Laura and Emma visited the class during the process. The students decided that the money should go towards the solar cooker project.

18th  October Patient Consult and MCP info evening:

Laura and Carla present from their trip in German, we show the film A Day in the Life of Gerhard, and inform people about our planned projects and what we fundraise for. We had the exhibition of Ronald picture at the event and sold one. About 15 people were present it was a good atmosphere and Carla and Laura did a great job of presenting. It would have been nice to have a bigger number of people there. However we got some new contacts and hope that something will come of them in the future.

Monika prepares the MCP Charity Dinner, tries to find sponsors for the food and helpers for the evening and runs a prep meeting and prepares the to do lists for the people as well as the program. Nür has offered to do and donate the desserts again. We aim to sell 50 tickets. Christiane has made a poster and the design for the tickets.

Keno: the atmosphere was fantastic, because everything fitted together the relaxing and also the presentations, the food was great. The presentations gave a detailed impression and the feelings of the people that went on the trip.

JoAnn: As MC I very excited and it was a lot of work and you have to be organized. I also had never done speeches like that.

Taya, Emma: The students cooked the food which was good because they got really involved, its an event that really involves students and it was great also to see younger students involved like the grade 8.

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Grade 6 from LIS decided to run a bake sale and another group ran a flea market. Raising about €180 infos and fotos to come from Becky

Students from HIS want to come to the x-mas market in Roppenheim again and run a fundraiser with candle making. Monika is organizing the event that is planned for the first advent weekend.

Taya: For the students running the booths it a good experience to have the language barrier which you have to overcome. What I found difficult is asking people for money its another challenge. Its fun for the kids. The main thing is to take the risk to communicate effectively and fund raise. A good learning experience. € 421.25.-

Emma: The candle making has been a different experience from last year, last year I had no idea what MCP was and what we we raising money for and this year I can see the significance, because I know now who the money is being used for and I know where it goes to.

JoAnn: it was a lot of work, it was a good turn out. It was good to interact with other people even though I did not understand what they were saying.

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Abigail has informed us that she and her children are starting fundraising events in London one of them is a bike ride in spring. LIS has informed us that Ian and a friend are planning a marathon event also in spring.

At the moment there is lots of planning and organizing to do.

Grade 6 raffle of Gerhard's car at HIS

Kopernikus Gymnasium Weihnachtskonzert

Brian hair shave £150

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