„Put your eyes on tomorrow and your feet on today!“ Mirjam Makeba

Make Change Possible e.V is a small group of people of various ages and professions, committed to a big vision. It is a registered, charitable organization that enables its members to contribute to our goals by sharing their skills and expertise, and to participate in our project trips.

Why we are different to other organizations?

MCP offers the opportunity to participants and supporters to apply their personal strengths and interests and therefore, to gain ownership of their project. This is enhanced by the opportunity to stay involved in their project beyond the trip. We strongly support the development of personal bonds to the local community as well as personal exchange with future trip participants, by using the MCP e.V. website and network.

MCP e.V. enables individuals, schools and organizations of any type to be part of the network and/ or run their own project trips by providing them with a full port- folio on how to do it.

Most important: we state clearly that a project participant qualifies through commitment. 

Our Vision

To provide personal opportunities for people to meet as equal partners across nations and languages, to support the development of “world citizenship”, starting at the grass-roots level.

Our way to make it happen: Offering two separate project trips of about three weeks.

MCP CAS Trip, for  International Baccalaureat (IB) diploma students, aligned to the Creativity, Action,Service (CAS) program, called the MCP CAS trip.

MCP Friends Trip, that provides similar opportunities for parents, families, friends or members.

Currently, our projects are located in Namibia, Africa.


MCP Flyer (pdf, 648 kb)

Mitgliedsantrag / Membership Form (pdf, 80 kb)

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