Make Change Possible e.V.  is a non-profit organization, with the aim of getting people across nations and races to work together, as equal partners, by actively engaging in the local community’s life, in Namibia, Africa. To achieve that, the members of MCP have the power to initiate and execute their own projects, in the areas of sports, language, arts, or any other area of their personal interest. MCP provides them with the necessary tools and support, while giving them the ability to «own» their projects.

MCP was born out of the personal vision and passion for Africa and its people, of a woman who has lived and worked for years in this diverse and alluring continent.

Comprised of a group of devoted and motivated people of all ages and professions, MCP seeks to enrich this group with new members, who are eager to travel and connect with others, contributing to our common cause.

Feel inspired? Browse this site and discover who we are, what we are doing, and how you can become a part of MCP yourself. Enjoy the trip!


Change Possible e.V is a small group of people of various ages and professions, committed to a big vision. more...


MCP CAS Trip Mayana 2013 – The project participants Birgit, Carla, Emma, Laura, Monika and Taya from Heidelberg International School... more...


A student and a teacher pioneered the project together. more...